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Golden Ray Version 2
Christmas Kids
Christmas Wish
YOU ARE A HERO (Version 1)
YOU ARE A HERO (Version 2)
Welcome, everyone. We invite you to listen to our songs, sign our guest book and tell us what you think.

Ellen's song YOU ARE A HERO was originally a poem she wrote last year to express the emotions she felt when her father was killed by communist insurgents many years ago. The pain of that loss keeps coming back to her nowadays, everytime she hears about US soldiers getting killed in Iraq. YOU ARE A HERO is a tribute to heroes and all of us left behind when our heroes fall.

There are two versions of YOU ARE A HERO: country (Version 1) and pop (Version 2). Please, let us know which version you like best. Click on BIO for the full story behind the song.

DON'T CALL MY NAME, GOLDEN RAY and WE WALK are country songs written by Don. Don't forget to check them out.

Thank you for listening.